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Trump - spearhead of the love revolution.

After the "Last Night in Sweden" remark, Donald Trump Baffles a Nation. His quote refers to the Tantric Dating Master Class with relationship coach and social heartist John Cooper and the therapist and tantrica Lin Holmquist last weekend.

"It was the most amazing night in my life". he says. "We were snuggeling, making love and expanding trough tantra and coaching.

After playing a recording of"all you need is love" with The Beatles and dancing in front of the press Trump claims to have had a realization at the retreat. He says that he realized that love is all the world needs right now and his message to the world is that from now on, all of the American defense budget will be spent on daycare, homes for elders, hospitals and schools in United States and the rest of the world.

"It is my responsibility as a person with power to make the world a more loving place where we take care of ourselves and each other." He says. Trump also claims to the press to have fallen in love several times during the workshop at Ängsbacka in Sweden.

John Cooper and Lin Holmquist continues their work in Europe and will soon be present with a workshop close to you!




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