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Erectile Dysfunction and its cure

Many men experience erectile dysfunction from time to time. For some men this becomes a problem that affects life for a long time, and causes a lot of worries and stress. Tantric practices can help men with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation depending on the cause of the condition.

What causes an erection?

The erection is caused by a mix of emotional, hormonal and neurological responses to physical or emotional stimuli. When a man has a erection the relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles allows blood to rush into the swell bodies of the penis, creating increased pressure and an erection. At the same time, valves in the veins in the penis prevents the blood from flowing back out in to the body. Those valves keep the erection until the man ejaculates or the stimulation decreases.

Lifestyle causes to erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or so called impotence may be caused by narrowing or 'clogging' of arteries in the penis caused by smoking or diabetes.

Neurological causes to erectile dysfunction

Diabetes can also lead to damage to the nerves that sends information from the brain and spinal cord to the penis leading to weakness, numbness or pain. This is called diabetic neuropathy and it's a common neurological cause of erectile dysfunction.

Other neurological causes of erectile dysfunction can be damage of the nerves due to surgery around the pelvis, stroke, a type of epilepsy (partial complex seizures), multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury.

Emotional causes to erectile dysfunction

Another major cause of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation is stress, anxiety and performance anxiety. Many men are not even aware of the level of stress they are under and many men are so used to having performance anxiety around sex that they believe this is the only way to relate to sex.

Stress can arise from comparing the size of the penis to other men or porn stars and consciously or unconsciously believing that love making is something that will prove their masculinity.

Sex is not a place to meet and connect, but a place to accomplish something. It might be as simple as accomplishing a good erection, an orgasm or giving the partner an orgasm. Some men are also sexually oppressed, it can be from the partner who has her/ his own sexual or emotional dysfunctions or shame and guilt around their sexuality. Many times those attitudes comes from the parents, from religion, peer pressure or the culture.

Sexuality is very sensitive to oppression and many men develop erectile dysfunction over time due to every day stress, depression, unreasonable demands, sexual bullying or early experiences of shame of the erection during puberty.

Those feelings cause tensions in the pelvic floor. Muscular tensions in the pelvic floor are so usual that most of us have them, and we are not even aware of them. When we have a muscular tension that does not release, other muscles will weaken and the original muscular tension will increase. This might lead to erectile dysfunction later in life. Some men also experience a shrinking of the penis due to those pelvic floor tensions.

But it's not only the older men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Many young men experience lack of erection or premature ejaculation as a result of nervousness or incapacity to keep high levels of sexual energy in the body. In rare cases, erectile dysfunction has always been present. This is called primary ED and the cause is almost always physiological.

Drug causes to erectile dysfunction

The use of drugs and medicine might also affect the capacity to have a erection or to keep a erection. Men who use viagra and other drugs to get an erection might be physically and emotionally addicted to the medicine which leads to difficulties to have erection without the drug.

How to treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

The first thing you need to do if you are above 40 and suffer from erectile dysfunction is to check up your blood fat levels. Erectile dysfunction is one of the first signs of cardiac disease.

The treatment will vary depending on the cause of the erectile dysfunction.

First of all it is important that you are only engaging sexually with a partner of your own choice. A partner with whom you feel safe and loved and to whom you feel sexually attracted. Many men have erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation only with a certain partner and not with others.

You need to relax emotionally around sex. When the sexual dysfunction is connected to the current partner it can be beneficial to include your partner in the therapy to make a heart connection or simply to give up the dysfunctional relationship between you.

The next step is to change lifestyle and to find other ways than eating, smoking, using alcohol and drugs to regulate emotions. Physical activity is a very important factor as it also helps to rebalance the hormones involved in a healthy sexuality. Re activation of the nerves and release of the muscular tensions through healing and massage are another ways to treat erectile dysfunction and tantric therapy can support you in letting go of destructive patterns that brings symptoms like erectile dysfunction.

Breath exercises are important for men with erectile dysfunction. Research has shown that many men with erectile dysfunction are breathing too shallow and that they have too high oxygen content in the blood. This prevents the valves in the veins in the penis from closing, and the blood does not stay in the swell bodies. Doing breathing exercises that deepens your breath and focusing on your exhale is an easy cure.

Another important part is to rewire the nervous system during sex. That means, being relaxed and without performance or the need to achieve is a very important part of the treatment. Having sex without an erection is an important part of this. Learning to give and receive pleasure without being erect is essential for healing the stress around the penis performance.

Learning how to circulate energy in the body and to have energtic sex and energy orgasms plays a very important role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This removes the pressure from the penis to perform sexually. The energetic orgasms is an amazing release of the muscles in the pelvic floor and it rewires the nervous system. It also makes you able to hold large amounts of sexual energy and to circulate it without the need to ejaculate. It stimulates nitrogen oxide in the body - and nitrogen oxide plays a very important role in having an erection.

Dietary Supplements

There are a few dietary supplements that will increase the erection. L - arginine is a alkaline amino acid that is very good for the immune system. It increases the neurotransmitter dopamin that gives motivation and prevents depression and it prevents clogging of the blood and arteriosclerosis. L - arginine is essential for creating nitrogen oxide that is vital for the nervous system and the erection.

Another natural remedy is maca - a peruan root-crop that regulates the hormone level and builds up endurance is a powerful aid in getting a better erection.

It is absolutely normal to have erectile dysfunction or a weak erection from time to time, but when the lack of erection becomes a limitation for you in your life you need to do something about it as soon as you can.



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