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Yoni Massage - for more pleasurable s€x

How can tantric yoni massage lead to better sex?

A yoni massage is a soft and tender touch of the vagina that does not lead to sex. A yoni massage releases tension in the yoni and increases blood circulation and it gives women new heights of pleasure during sex.

Did you know that women also get an erection during sexual excitement?

Yeah, right? It was a shame - because without an erection it's not very nice to fuck. The difference between men and women is that women can be sexually penetrated without having an erection, but men find it very difficult to perform penetrative sex without stalling.

Male and female genitalia are more alike than different. The fact is that all fetuses are exactly the same until week 7 of pregnancy, when male fetuses begin to develop the penis and scrotum from what in female fetuses becomes the clitoris and labia.

Women have a large number of corpus callosum in the abdomen, unlike men who have three. It is wrong to think that the only thing that happens when a woman becomes sexually aroused is that she gets wet. In fact, the vagina should be constantly wet, much like the mucous membranes inside the mouth. When a woman thinks about something sexy, the production of fluid in the mucous membranes increases much like saliva production increases in the mouth when you think something good. But when the woman becomes physically horny, she gets an erection just like the man.

The difference between mental and physical horniness

Unfortunately, not all women experience this physical horniness during sex. Many are horny mentally, but not physically. The reason why women don't get horny in the vagina is that we need to feel safe to get a foothold. We need to feel safe in ourselves and together with our partner. Actually, it's the same for men. Men also need to feel secure in themselves and with their partner to get an erection. The difference between men and women is that men usually explore their erection a lot in their teens and thus become confident in themselves, while many young women don't even know that they can get an erection. The sexual education we girls often receive is information about the clitoris and the pleasure we can create there and also incorrect information that sexual penetration can hurt and cause bleeding in the beginning.

The myth of the hymen

First, let me debunk the myth of the hymen and virginal bleeding. There is no hymen. There IS NO HYMEN. It is clear that if you do a gynecological examination on a child and an adult woman, you will see differences in the body's development, in exactly the same way as if you were to do a urological examination on a boy and compare it to an adult man. But, there IS no hymen. Young girls have a more obvious VAGAL CROWN, a flap of skin that runs around the opening of the vagina. Similarly, young boys have a narrower and longer foreskin. This is to protect the genitalia of the young and sexually immature.

As the body grows, the penis grows and the ring of the vagina and foreskin retract. This is part of puberty.

When a woman gets really horny, even physically, her gender undergoes a change. It starts with the outer labia and clitoral clefts swelling due to the increased blood flow. This can only happen if she feels secure in herself and with her partner. When a woman's external genitalia get an erection, the labia open. The swelling bodies under the skin between the clitoris and the vaginal opening swell up and become darker in color. The vagina opens for penetration.

If a woman is not open, penetration becomes more difficult. If you also add that the woman tenses up, for example if it is the first time she is going to have sex, then coercive force will be needed to carry out penetration. This is of course painful and can lead to the skin around the opening of the vagina cracking.

Having pain during penetration means that you are NOT horny and open enough. For those of you who have sex with women, this means that your partner is not secure in himself or with you. Your task as a partner is then to make sure she feels safe, and NOT to perform penetrative intercourse until her sex is erect. If a woman experiences this, she will be much hornier in the future.

Female Erection

It is not only the external genitalia that swell during sexual arousal. Even inside the vagina, swelling bodies and tissue become blood-filled and swollen. This causes all the vaginal folds to swell and the pussy to become fluffy inside. When the pussy is fluffy, it becomes extremely sensitive. It also becomes mobile and adapts to the object that is brought into it. If you want to try this, you can insert a finger or a small rod into the vagina when it is erect and hold the rod or finger very still for a while. It will then feel as if the vagina "feels" what is penetrating and as if the vagina sucks in the object. It may also be difficult to withdraw the finger or rod afterwards due to the erection formed inside the vagina.

Therefore, size really doesn't matter, the vagina adapts to what penetrates and envelops it. What matters is the woman's experience of security during sex.

Some women believe that they are too "lax" in the abdomen and have then learned that they should tense the pelvic floor during sex. Either because it will be nicer for the man or because it will be nicer for herself. This is counterproductive because the tension prevents the flow of blood into the vagina. Only the external muscles are tensed and inside the vagina it remains empty and hollow. The sensation in the vagina also decreases if you tense up, this is because nerves are pinched and of course because blood circulation decreases.

So my tips for a fluffier pussy:

Learn to relax in the yoni.

Do not have sex if you dont have vaginal erection.

Give yourself or your partner a yoni healing.

Ask to receive a soft and relaxing yoni massage that should not lead to sex.

See our beautiful demonstration of the yoni healing here...



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