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The female orgasm

I got a question on Facebook from a woman who wondered what an orgasm feels like to us women. She got a lot of sarcastic answers such as "you get to feel that if you get one" or "it feels like a sneeze".

The fact is that an orgasm feels different from person to person and that there is a whole science called orgasmology. So explaining it as a sneeze feels a little bit too simple to me.

The orgasm is one of the most intimate and individual experiences a person can have.

What may be a strong and pleasurable feeling for one person may be completely different for another. It often depends on where the orgasm occurs and how the tissue is stimulated. In this text we will explore different types of orgasms and try to understand the complex diversity of sexual pleasure.

A professor of orgasmology once explained to me that an orgasm can occur in any tissue in the body. It is defined by a series of involuntary contractions of the tissue, followed by a relaxation. These contractions, or the orgasm, are often triggered by stimuli or tension in the tissue.

In the woman's body there are many different types of orgasms. A clitoral orgasm is known for its intensity and short duration. It is a feeling of tension and relaxation that occurs after a series of rapid contractions in the area around the clitoris. For most women this is a pleasurable experience, but for some clitoral stimulation can be intense and potentially painful.

Orgasm can also occur in the opening of the vagina, which means that it tightens rhythmically or almost like sucking and then relaxes. In some women, this can even lead to the secretion of thin sprinkles of ejaculatory fluid from two small glands adjacent to the vaginal opening.

Inside the vagina there is the possibility of different types of orgasms, from small vibrating experiences at different points to larger and more intense orgasms that can make the whole body react, including shaking legs.

The G-spot orgasm is a special type of orgasm that feels completely different from the clitoral orgasm. The stimulation of the area of the prostate, behind the G-spot can even lead to the feeling of being both horny and needing to pee at the same time. When this orgasm occurs, ejaculation can come either through the G-spot or the urethra, resulting in what is known as a "squirt" orgasm. The experience of this type of orgasm varies greatly between different women; some enjoy it while others experience it as mechanical emptying.

Deep inside the vagina is the cervix, and here too is the possibility of orgasm. The various points in the cervix can feel different for each woman. Some may enjoy touch here while others may not find it very pleasurable. An orgasm in the cervix or uterus can be felt as an intense and rapid vibration in the abdomen.

Women, just like men, can have a series of orgasms during the same intercourse. Often they increase in strength each time. During sexual pleasure, women can also end up in an orgasmic state where they can hardly distinguish whether they are in constant orgasm or just before an orgasm occurs. It is a deepened level of desire and pleasure that is unique to each individual.

It is important to remember that these are just a few examples of the many different orgasms that exist. All bodies are different, and the best way to explore and enjoy sexual pleasure is to be open to experiment with pleasure and not to focus solely on achieving orgasm. Each person's experience is unique, and the most important thing is to feel comfortable and enjoy the intimate moment.



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