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My journey began with my own healing.  After living with an inner stress, burnout and anorexia I found
healing through yoga, meditation and shamanism.

I realized that I was not alone in my
journey and so I decided to start shareing my knowledge. 

I worked for a long time in health and
 and I studied to become a yoga
teacher and
 yoga therapist almost 20 years
ago. My huge passion for 
the body and mind has
made me
 research for more than ten years the relationship between body, spirituality and energy medicine. What I am now teaching is a combination of traditional tantra, science and body awareness.

My interest in tantra started fifteen years ago when I trained in India in classical tantric meditation, then I discovered sexual tantra through a powerful kundalini awakening. The power of the kundalini fascinated me so immensely that I have chosen to dedicate my life to this exciting phenomenon.

I am trained in NLP, hypnosis, massage and sexual tantra and I use all these tools in tantra therapy.

I have worked with some of the world's foremost teachers and I have previously taught at ISTA. Today I run the Art of Love where I organize the tantra festival at Ängsbacka and lead courses in tantra and tantra therapy. I have trained several thousand people in tantra and my greatest joy is to see love spread around the world.

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