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Attending a tantra course, or a couple’s retreat with The Art of Love is a social and developing adventure. Whichever tantra course you choose, the experience is designed to help you develop higher levels of emotional and physical intelligence. Through exclusive and engaging activities, you will gain a newfound appreciation for your body and a deeper relaxation in your connections with others. 


On a tantra course, you get to meet yourself and others in curiosity, joy and authenticity. Lin and her team of well-trained assistants create a safe place for you to break old patterns and to expand in love. Our intention is for you to feel held in all the emotions that may arise. 


At our tantra courses there is room for all of you! Your curiosity as well as your joy. Your insecurity and maybe even your fear of exclusion.


If it does not suit you as a person to practice tantra in a group at a tantra course, you can sign up for one of the Art of Love's popular online courses. An online course in tantra gives you exciting and developing exercises to explore either alone or together with a partner in a safe home environment.


Another option for those who want to practice tantra privately is to book an initiation in tantra - for yourself or together with a partner. An initiation is like a tantra course just for you. An experience that both challenges and gives pleasure.


tantra retreat

Ängsbacka Tantra Festival

16 th - 21 st of July Ängsbacka

A tantra festival is a place where you get to meet many new friends in openness, vulnerability and acceptance. Here you may also find all your old friends and a place to celebrate life together. You get to try many different kinds of tantra with the very best teachers in Europe. Lin arranges the tantra festival at Ängsbacka for the 13th year in a row.


In to the light

6th to 9th of September

A city retreat for beginners as well as advanced. The Art of Love offers a mix of tantra, massage and powerful manifestation through sex magic. Come as a single or with a partner and create strength and community for a new, loving future.


The Experience

20th - 22nd September Åtvidaberg

An extraordinary retreat for couples who love life and want more excitement, adventure and playfulness.  

Welcome to a beautiful castle, surrounded by magnificent nature. Here, our life experience is deepened through sensory, eroticism, rituals and exercises designed for you as a couple to sink deeper into your love.

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Tantra Massage
Professional Training

23rd - 27th October  Skeppsudden

Train yourself as a tantra masseuse in one of Europe's best tantra schools.

You get a comprehensive education where spirituality and science meet and you get tools to develop your intuition and your skills in different types of massage to heal and relieve with pleasure in focus.

tantra massage retreat

Tantra Massage Retreat for Singles & Couples

16 th - 20 th of October Skeppsudden

Enjoy a retreat where you get to be touched and get to touch deeply. For those who yearn for more energy, exciting meetings, tantric rituals and soft massage. Learn dearmouring, yoni healing and lingam activation and enjoy good food and beautiful nature.


The Point of Surrender

23rd - 27th October  Skeppsudden

A retreat for couples who want to indulge in love for real. Here we let tantra, powerplay and shibari merge in a beautiful and exciting way. Together with Lin and Andy Buru, Sweden's foremost teachers in BDSM and a staff of well-trained tantra therapists, you are guided into both light and darkness in a safe way.

tantra terapi

Tantra Therapy Training

14 th - 20 th October Skeppsudden and 25 th Nov. -
1 st Dec. Ängsbacka

Are you a person that others turn to? Do you have a healing touch and do you love meditation? Are you longing to make your passion a fun and rewarding profession that not only enriches you but also contributes to a better world? Read more about the tantra therapy training and welcome with your registration for the start of the authumn course.

just receive

Just Receive Retreat

28 th Nov. - 1 st Dec. Ängsbacka

At the just receive Retreat, you get to practice asking for what you want and just receiving. You will be met by a group of tantra therapists who are in the final stages of their training and receive a magical retreat full of pleasure, deep processes and festive evening activities. You can come alone or with a partner.


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