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Do you have everything you could wish for, but still do not feel satisfied with life? Do you sometimes wonder if "this is really all?"


A tantric initiation is an intensive transformation process for you who have high demands on the quality of life and who want to live 100%.


What you will get is my full attention and access to all the tools that I use in the transforming tantric work that I do with groups or in therapeutic sessions. You get tailor-made exercises and guidance from the place where you are right now and from there I will guide you towards your intention. 


Traditionally, a tantric initiation is a powerful introduction to the tantric philosophy as well as a process in which your kundalini is awakened. This initiation is available to you who are ready, but you can also be initiated into divine enjoyment and learn all about how to become a fantastic lover. Many people choose to use the time to transform and change certain traits in their personality that prevent them from living fully, or as a way to succeed financially and in relationships. You can book a tantric initiation yourself or with a partner.


How does it work?


You who are interested in a tantric initiation start by contacting me by phone. Through our conversation, we arrive at what suits you best. Then we book a couple / three days either in Örebro or at a nice hotel in the city where you live or why not at your favorite destination.


The initiation always starts at 10.00 with an introductory conversation and then you will receive a whole range of different exercises, meditations and spiritual coaching, with a break for lunch and leg stretches. Each day ends at 15.00.



Lin took me to a beautiful and luxurious hotel in central Gothenburg. The choice of location was really part of the experience. During the hours that followed I was in heaven. I released my stress and anxiety that I had carried with me for more than a year after my difficult divorce. Lin made me realize that love is not something that is lacking in life, but that there is an infinite amount of love in the world. There is abundance of love within me and around me. During the initiation I really got to feel my feminine power and my lust. Now, life smiles at me again. I dare to meet the eyes of strangers in the street and I feel open. Thanks Lin, I would love to do this again!




I booked Lin for a three day tantric initiation because I was curious about tantric bodywork and massage. Due to my profession with a great need for privacy, I can't attend a public workshop so this option suited me perfectly. I got full focus on myself with the opportunity to ask all my questions to Lin.


Giving massage and receiving in the way that Lin showed me gave me confidence in meeting women, not only sexually but also in everyday life. I have come in contact with my masculine energy and now I know what I want and I have the communication tools to convey it in the right way.


Now, a month after the tantric initiation, I feel free, alive and powerful. I'm so grateful for what you give Lin!







My tantric initiation was a two-day process that made me understand which direction I should take in life. Doubt and anxiety have followed me for many years, but now I have so much hope and faith within me.


During the kundalini awakening, I could feel MY power and MY sexual energy. I was creative, tall and bubbly for several weeks afterwards. Now the energy has been integrated and I have made many life-changing decisions that feel grounded and exciting at the same time.


I can really recommend the Art of Love's tantric initiation to all women who, just like myself, have been "slave" to what other people may think and feel. I have prioritized career over what I really enjoy. The initiation with Lin has made me feel pleasure in life again.




Linda N


Email to schedule a tantric initiation or a short phone call about how you would like your session. Briefly describe what you want to work on and send with your full name, address and phone number.

Do you want to know more about how tantra therapy™ works?
Feel free to listen to my podcast LUST on Spotify and the episode "I mina klienters sovrum". (Swedish)

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