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tantra för kvinnor


Your sexuality is your relationship with your own body and with your ability to enjoy pleasure as a human being. Sexuality is healing, relaxing and it opens your heart as a woman. It is a place for recovery and contact with what is most important in life, the love for yourself and your fellow human beings. The female sexuality is closely connected with the creative power, creation and a gate into spirituality. A woman who is allowed to flourish sexually

is a woman with great power and potential to create a life in abundance.

tantra för kvinnor


Due to the female hormone estrogen, a woman is much more affected by hormones such as vasopressin and oxytocin than men. These hormones make the woman caring, loving, open, creative and social.


In classical tantra, it is said that a woman's gift to the world is her love. Being in love is a beautiful experience and shared with others, peace and harmony are created around you in all your relationships.

If you suffer from stress, low self-esteem, lack of boundaries or fear, it is likely that your ability to love will disappear and be replaced by suspicion, jealousy, comparison, gossip and judgmental thoughts about yourself and others. A tantric session helps you to love life as it is and to love yourself again by balancing your hormones and reprogramming your negative patterns.


Life is extremely enjoyable, when you as a woman are relaxed and in balance you experience how life becomes more intense. The ability to enjoy physical touch increases and your senses sharpen.


If you want to increase your ability to enjoy life, learn massage, tantric meditation or to relax really deeply and let your body be flooded with joy from inside. Working with pleasure is also a way to heal sexual trauma, lack of libido and to find self-esteem, self love and healing bodily shame.

Tantra för kvinnor


"Ever since my sex debut I have never been able to enjoy sex or my sexuality. As soon as sex has been on the agenda, my body has locked up and I have become completely passive. I have done what was expected of me or what I thought was expected of me in my role as girlfriend. "


Penetration for me was equal to pain and if I did not feel pain then it was the fear of pain that captured my thoughts. Sometimes I could play the role of "sexy girl" but my only hope was that the guy would come faster. Talking about my experience of pain with my husband would be unthinkable as it would show what a bad girlfriend I am.


I have previously sought help for this, both through healing and hypnosis. Through hypnosis, I realized that I had been sexually exploited as a child, something I did not have a "real" memory of, but the events afterwards I remember clearly and they cause me great sadness. Especially the time when I lied to my mother and said that I fell down the stairs and that was why I cried.


Despite healing and digging up the old traumatic memory from my childhood, my body still reacted the same way it always did. Tense, scared, closed and not present. I often had pain in my vagina for days after intercourse. Hopelessness and a feeling that something must be wrong with me began to take shape. Maybe this is how I was born, maybe I need an operation or something?


After another relationship crashed due to a bad sex life, I was at a tantric workshop that Lin and Henrik Lennartsson held. My feeling when I made the reservation was almost desperation, I was ready to do anything to heal myself . The workshop was too heavy for me and afterwards I felt I needed more help. All this talk about amazing orgasms, pleasure and intimacy made me understand where my goal is and how much work was needed to achieve it. I called Lin and asked her for help. After about 1 week, I came to my first session. Terrified but determined to reach healing.


Through an incredibly loving and permissive atmosphere, Lin guided me back into myself and my body. Through touch and touch again, my body began to relax more and more. In the beginning I wore lots of clothes, but after several sessions I was able to take off more and more. Slowly, for the first time, I learned to accept touch and to like it. I learned to express what I really feel and Lin pushed me lovingly through my fears.


After a while, I trusted Lin so much that we could work together to relax the muscles around my vagina through dearmorination and vaginal massage. I learned that there is nothing wrong with my eyes, only that there were a lot of muscular tensions that created all the pain and that made it impossible for me to experience pleasure.


Today I can have sex with a man without any pain, I can feel pleasure and my body loves touch. I can feel energies flowing through my body that I have never felt before.


And this has a lot to do with the sessions I took with Lin. So I can really recommend you who are reading this to take a session if you have big problems, small problems or if you just want to say YES to life! "


sex coaching kvinnor
Bättre orgasm kvinna

A woman's sexuality is an important part of her life and a woman's libido comes and goes in cycles. The sexual desire and her ability to enjoy depends on what is happening in her life right now, how safe she feels, how relaxed she is and in what stage her hormonal cycle is.


For a woman to be in balance, her hormones must be in balance. If a woman suffers from stress and anxiety, poor sleeping habits, if she eats unhealthy food or too small amounts of food, if she is on medication or suffers from obesity, her hormone level will be disturbed and her sexuality will be disturbed or cease.


The part of the woman's hormonal cycle where she has the greatest drive to love and experience pleasure is the time around her ovulation. When a woman's eggs are released from the ovary, a hormone called progesterone is secreted. This hormone makes her harmonious, happy and ecstatic. It makes her mucous membranes thicker and wetter and her sexual desire increases.


During menopause or when using birth control pills or other hormonal preparations, the lack of progesterone can make a woman anxious, unbalanced and her mucous membranes become dry and fragile.


Just before menstruation, many women long for peace and quiet, a need to go inward. It is a natural part of a woman's sexual cycle. If she is stressed or anxious, she may develop PMS, ovarian tension, tenderness and mood swings.


During menstruation, some women experience increased sexual desire, perhaps due to the non-existent risk of becoming pregnant and the increased sensitivity of the cervix.


All women can have an orgasm, even if you suffer from a spinal cord injury.  The orgasmic potential of a woman's body is infinite. Women usually have deeper, longer and more satisfying orgasms than men, although men also have the opportunity to open up to multiple orgasms just like a women.


Some women can not have vaginal orgasms due to tension and shutdown. The reasons for gender bias can be many. Having penetrating sex without being wet from their own horniness is a very common cause of lack of feeling in the sex. Tightening the pelvic floor during sex is another reason for loss of sensation. Shame, lack of horniness, lack of self-confidence or sexual abuse causes the vagina to numb - which leads to difficulty experiencing an orgasm. During a session, you can work on your orgasmic potential. The methods I use are coaching, training, breathing, bodywork and even yoni healing and yoni mapping.

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