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Your sexuality as a man gives you recovery, relaxation and satisfaction in everyday life. It is also a way to get closer to your partner without using words and a way to be seen and loved.


The masculine energy is present, sharp, powerful and stable and in classical tantra the male gender is called Lingam. Lingam means pillar of light and is a symbol of presence and pure consciousness.


A man who is allowed to flourish sexually feels strong, independent, self-evident and invincible.

When a man's sexuality is disturbed, depressed, filled with shame or full of demands, his attractiveness becomes less. He finds it difficult to relax with others and finds it difficult to express himself in the relationship with his partner.


All people need closeness and touch to feel alive, happy and content with life. If you want to explore new ways to be touched, if you long to be seen and loved unconditionally, just as you are, you are welcome to book a tantra massage.


Male sexuality is controlled by the male sex hormone testosterone and adrenaline, a hormone that is secreted during danger, struggle or vigorous physical exertion. If you combine violence and sexuality, you increase the flow of adrenaline and the sexual kick becomes greater. This in turn increases the need for more adrenaline until the next time and it becomes difficult to be sexually aroused at subtler and softer sexual encounters.

Even if a woman loves powerful sex, she needs more time than the man to get sexually aroused. She needs more time to relax, feel safe and seen by her lover before she can go deeper sexually. As a man, you can open the woman to deeper pleasure by being present and empathetic. It increases your intimacy.


"For me, the tantric session gave me a whole new sense of my sexual energy. I learned how to circulate the energy inside my body instead of ejaculating when the pressure is too high. Now I can have full body orgasms and multiple orgasms just like one woman and I can choose whether I want to ejaculate or not. "




Most men suffer from various types of erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. It can be a result of stress, medication or high demands on sexual performance. It is usually not a chronic condition but some men may need help to get out of the vicious circle.


Before seeking advice from tantra to overcome erectile dysfunction, you should contact your doctor and measure your blood fats. Erectile dysfunction is the first sign of cardiovascular disease. 


Some men judge the size of their lingam and are afraid that it will be too small in the sexual encounter with a woman. Maybe the woman has a hard time feeling during a vaginal intercourse or she wants to be satisfied through stimulation on the clitoris. A woman's gender adapts to the man's size if she only gets plenty of time. It takes about 30 minutes for a woman to get really sexually aroused. When she is, her sex swells just like a penis and even envelops a finger with a warming and sucking motion.

Sometimes you can experience that lingam "shrinks" over the years. Some experience that the hardness decreases. It is often due to tension in the pelvic floor muscles due to stress, hard masturbation or sex with a partner who is tense in the abdomen. During a session, you can learn a special massage that can increase the size of the lingam and the ability to harden if the treatment is repeated for a longer period.

These themes are something we can work on during a private session. During a session, conversation, touch and guidance are combined .

Tattoo Artist Portrait

"I came to Lin after many years of drug abuse. After my addiction I could no longer get an erection and as a man with great sexual desire this destroyed my self-confidence. I isolated myself from all contact with women. I only had two sessions with Lin, but these sessions changed my life. I learned that I have an energy lingam and how I can enjoy my sexuality with a soft penis. The same week I would have my third session I had a date with a woman and I could love energetically with her.It was something she had never experienced before and she was so happy.I realized that I am a gift to women with or without an erection.I also learned to breathe deeper and massage my penis so now I have an erection more often , but neither I nor my wife depend on the hardness of my penis to experience sexual pleasure. "


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