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7 April - 2024

Are you ready to live a richer, more honest and loving life?

In that case, you should come to the workshop ELECTRIC LOVE - Kundalini Activation with the Art of Love.

We all have a tiny drop of the creative power within us and you choose whether you want to suppress that energy, hold back your truth and be controlled by other people's "opinions" and expectations of you or by living in the past or the future.

When you choose to live an authentic life and dare to let go of old patterns that hold you back, this incredible power opens up within you and you gain access to the energy, motivation, creativity and desire that is your true self.

During this powerful tantra retreat you will meet your shadows and be held in unconditional love, you will be touched and you will touch in a way that brings awareness to your divine power and awakens

kundalini in you and others.

Kundalini power





Opening ceremony


Shadow work


11 a.m

Expand your experience of energy

Tantric Meditation & exercises



Coffee break


12.30 p.m

Expand the Kundalini Energy

Group exercises


2 p.m

Integration and ending ceremony



You can come alone or with a partner.


12 years ago I had a powerful kundalini rising which

changed my life fundamentally.

I am so incredibly grateful for the power of kundalini

gave me  and the magic that life has offered ever since.

My mission in this life is to share the knowledge of this mystical power and support you and others in awakening the kundalini and

establish a good relationship with it.

I have dedicated my life to the most beautiful thing there is - the kundalini power.

Whether you have a good connection with your kundalini or yearn to activate it, this one-day retreat is the retreat for you! You will learn a lot and you will come home full of new energy

and with the heart pulsating with love.

lin tantra

Welcome to our one-day retreat on April 7, 2024 at Alvanda Studio, Sankt Eriksgatan 104.


It is a beautiful venue, with room for a small group so it will be an intimate and close workshop.

Price for this unique retreat is SEK 990

It will sell out so book TODAY to be sure to get a spot.

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