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How to build a tantric sex room?

Do you like the series How To Build a Sex Room on Netflix? Then you are not alone! The series has become extremely popular and millions of people worldwide now dream of their own, personalized sex room for sensual encounters or kinky play.

But how important is it really to have your own sex room and isn't it just as good to enjoy sex in your regular bedroom? Of course you can, but the temperature will definitely rise if you keep this in mind:

  • We humans are largely governed by associations and habits, which in turn generate impulses and emotions. Combining bedroom and office and having mobile phones and computers in bed is therefore a really bad idea. Doing your work in bed means that thoughts about work and commitments find their way into the sphere where you and your partner should feel safe and playful together. Let the living room or kitchen become your workplace and do as Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, lock your electronics in when you are not working.

  • It is scientifically proven that dimmed light makes us let go of the "mind" and become more present in the body. By decorating your bedroom with dimmed lighting and candles, the bedroom becomes a perfect sex room where you can let go of your thoughts and just relax.

  • Sensual materials increase the potential for pleasure through the skin. Some materials may evoke sexual associations and other materials can create a sense of security. Invest in really nice sheets, duvets and pillows in hotel quality. Adding decorative pillows and curtains in different layers of the materials you find erotic is an easy way to turn your bedroom into a real Sexroom.

  • Decorate your walls with erotic art to inspire intimate play. One tip is Japanese Shunga, which in Japanese means "spring" and is an aphorism for eroticism. Or why not classic Indian erotic art. Another way to spice up the atmosphere in your sex room is to take boudoir pictures together with a photographer to hang on the walls.

  • Did you know that scents communicate directly to the brain's limbic system, the part of the brain that creates emotions and activates memories. When you decorate your bedroom to become a real Sexroom, you can keep this in mind. What scents make you feel safe? Is it linen dried in the sunshine or the scent of lavender? Which scents create erotic feelings in you? Are they oud or musk? In that case, it is a good idea to let bedding and textiles get these scents and to purchase scented candles to enhance the sexy feeling. If you are a person who are turned on by body scents (which a lot of people do), then avoid strong perfumes in the bedroom.

  • For the voyeur and the exhibitionist, mirrors are the perfect interior detail in a sexy bedroom. If you don't want it to be too obvious and 90s-like, you should absolutely avoid the mirror wall. Instead, many small mirrors with beautiful frames can show your sexy bodies in different angles, or why not a really nice full-body mirror with a gold frame in a really royal style?

Do you need more inspiration for your bedroom in true Sexroom spirit? Go to different designer hotels to have a lot of fun and inspiration. And please stay tuned here because on Friday there will be another post with my sexiest hotel experiences!



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