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Are you stuck in the rat race?

Are you stuck in the famous rat race? Is every day a repetition of the last and does it feel like your life is slipping away from you without you having time to appreciate it?

"I am 29 years old and married, have two small wonderful children, 6 & 8 years old. I work with administration and it's ok. My husband is the best man in the world and I really love him.

Everything should be fine, but it isn't - at least not for me.

I get up at 5.30 every morning, leave my kids at kindergarten really early, and start work at eight. Then i am running to the bus, stressing at work, shopping and then I am going home. I cook dinner, try to play with the kids, do some laundry and then I put the kids to bed. Then it's suddenly nine thirty and I'm completely exhausted. I am trying to hang out with my husband, maybe read - getting anxious that it's almost time to get up - and fall asleep at 10pm.

I know most people feel this way, but how are you coping? Every single eternal damn day?

The thought of it being like this for many years to come breaks my heart. I cry from exhaustion almost every night, I want to be a happy and funny mother but I can't. I want to be a good wife and have an active sex life, but I can't bear that either.

My husband is good, he helps a lot and picks up the kids and does the dishes and so on, but there is no time left for anything else.

There is like nowhere to get power. It just feels so hopeless.

Maybe I'm whining, I have a nice husband and two healthy children.

But not having control over time and being stuck in this stress is eating me up from inside."

Many people live a life where they consciously and subconsciously focus on satisfying others, or living up to others' expectations. Perhaps you have chosen a career based on what you think you can do, what suits the job market or because there seems to be a financial gain, rather than a profession in an area where you feel passion and joy.

If you choose to live in a way where you don’t have time to be in touch with your true self, your essence, there is a great risk that your life will become boring, stressful and that you will experience a growing emptiness within you.

That emptiness is easily filled with consumption. It can be consumption of stuff or entertainment on TV and social media. Consumption in all its forms only creates a greater distance between you and your essence. It will never make you at peace and content, only more empty.

We need to stop consuming and focus on experiencing life to the fullest.

The only way we can be happy is to live a life that is meaningful and enjoyable, but what that is for you can only be answered by you.

Five simple but drastic steps to a happier life:

- Financial calculation - how much money do you spend per month on "unnecessary consumption". Apps, TV channels, shopping, eating out and general waste. Calculate what this money means in time for you.

- Energy calculation - based on the above, how much time per month you spend on "unnecessary consumption".

- Free up time - be sure to reduce working hours based on your financial calculation. Add up the hours you gain by reducing working hours with the hours you gain by stopping unnecessary consumption.

- Reflection - give yourself "empty time", time where nothing is planned. It may feel restless or boring at first, but this is the gateway to your essence. The free time makes you think about what is truly meaningful and enjoyable for you.

- Quality time - schedule quality time by yourself or with the people you care about. Devote yourself to all that is meaningful and enjoyable for you!



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