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The tribe

I just came home from the most magic journey in to the jungle in Brazil and in to realms of love that I didn´t believe was possible!

The ISTA core gathering was a gathering of governance, lead faculty, faculty, organisers and supporters of ISTA - International School of SacredTemple Arts.

We created the temple, in each and every one of us. And we prayed to the highest, the bliss, the love, the drop of life to open our eyes and to get together in peace and love. This organisation is lead with such a courage, so much transparency, so much willingness to move power and energy and not ti hold on to it. The organisation itself is a school for sacred temple arts, to manage life in a divine way.

During this week I have seen love. How a group can deal with disagreements without holding on to a personal truth but to actually talk openly and take in the critics. I have seen examples of how outsiders were brought in on their premisses and a openness to embrace the weak. I was touched in ways I never been touched before. I was allowed to reveal myself and my deepest longing. I was met, I was seen - and greatest of all.... I was allowed to love freely.

Life is so short - I want to spend it in love!


Do you have questions or concerns about tantra, sexuality and relationships? Ask them directly to me and you might get an answer here in my blog. Your curiosity is a gift and it leads to growth and openness.


Thank you for your question!

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