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Foodgasm at Ängsbacka Tantra Festival

I am so excited to have Johanna at the Tantra Festival at Ängsbacka this summer...

Johanna Kruusval is a Sexuality Coach and Tantra Teacher and her mission is to help people awaken their authentic sexuality and unleash their power. By using the wisdom of traditions such as Taoism, Tantra, Shamanism, and Sacred Sexuality together with Western teachings of Neurobiology, Psychology, and other methodologies she guides her 1:1 clients and students on a path of embodied sexual empowerment.

Johanna is also a chef who competed in the Swedish Masterchef in 2017. She loves to combine her two biggest passions sex and food and to guide and teach people all the erotic pleasure that food can bring through your senses of taste and smell… Foodgasm is her middle name.

Johanna will be a part of the teachers team at Ängsbacka Tantra Festival 25th to 30st of July. We will offer a decadent and hedonistic experience with delicious cakes as a way to celebrate our mouth, our tastebuds and the fact that we are all one with the universe.

Read more about the Tantra Festival here:

And here is a link to Johannas homepage:



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