Life in a womans body

Life in a woman's body has the potential to be orgasmic. Our sensitivity to any currents of energy and our power to surrender makes us women kind of superior beings when it comes to feeling.

Last weekend we spend two full days with women to explore the multi orgasmic feminine. Trough creating a very safe space that allows anything to arise, we make space for the fluidity of emotions. Then we let go of the blocked emotions trough breath, movement, sound and meditation.

It is so easy for all women to get in touch with their multi orgasmic being, but it IS a sensitive matter. We need to be safe and protected to be in our full power.

The power of a multi orgasmic woman is her ability o love and to nourish. She is empathic, caring and abundant with love. She is joyful, the slightest touch will make her skin shiver of bliss and her creativity makes her sing, dance and create visions of love for the future.

We ended the workshop with a yoni healing, and it is always touching to experience how a woman relaxes and how she get´s in touch with deep currents of sexual self confidence when she is touched and held without a goal. When a woman is touched without someone trying to perform on her or get something from her.

The yoni opens up like a vibrating flower and the ecstatic currents from the yoni flows in to the heart and opens her to love life and existence.

When a woman get in touch with her true self, her multi orgasmic self, she will give birth in bliss. She will be close to her children and nourish them with her love and she will be caring and loving as a partner and friend. But most of all - inviting the multi orgasmic being in to her body will for ever change the relationship to her self.

True self love will occur - it is hard not to love someone who is giving you true ecstacy.

This is Hanne Lina right after the yoni healing.