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Energy in motion

Everything in life moves, transforms.

That´s the very essence of life.

In our human bodies, movement and circulation is crucial - it´s our very survival. The optimal health is a body with a good circulation in all the organs and tissues, blood that nourishes the cells and detoxes the body.

Also out emotions needs to move. Everyone who meditates is aware of how the emotions move like a constant flood, shape shifting, evolving. Our emotions is our compass towards our truth in life. Whenever we take a step towards our innermost truth, we feel good, motivated and relaxed. And when something unexpected happens that we can´t accept or when we take our life walk in the "wrong" direction, our feelings will be stressed, anxious or full of regret.

Sadness is a feeling that helps us clean the system. That makes the emotions circulate one more round to clean out what ever needs to go. Anger is a emotion that gives us power to change, that helps us set up boundaries.

Our western lifestyle does not allow certain feelings. We are brought up to close ourselves when we feel to much or when we have the "wrong feelings". We are taught to turn off our inner compass and the inner compass is substituted by the mind. When the mind is active with controlling the emotions and controlling the flow of emotions in the body - the body turns off. It gets stiff, weak and numb. Not only does it get turned off from the life experience - it also stops circulating - and that leads to premature aging and disease.

One day I had a phone call from a very enthusiastic woman. Her name is Sofia Holmberg and she is a Kranio Sacral therapist. She works with making people circulate their spinal fluid and helps them to get in touch with their emotions. We started a very successful co creation with one purpose only - to move people towards more life, more love and more inner truth.

After arranging several workshops together, me and Sofia came up with the idea - why not take our shared knowledge to Ibiza and open a space for women to really free them selves. To bring yoga, meditation, yoga philosophy, dance, massage and touch to a retreat for women to fully open up for energy to move and for transformation.

To be a woman with the urge to move energy, to transform and to open to vitality and flow in life, we need to support each other. That´s why we have invited a group of really inspiring women who can support the flow of energy and rented a beautiful and luxurious retreat center in the misty mountains of Ibiza. We will spend 6 days with healthy food, fresh air and relaxed surroundings to let go of what does not serve us anymore and to receive the future we deserve. But most of all... to be in the present NOW together!

Do you want to join us the 23rd to the 28th of October?

Send a email to Sofia:




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