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What is a tantric relationship and how do I meet a tantric lover?

Whenever I start to talk about what I do, people are amazed. Many people has never heard of love in an open, accepting and supporting way - the way we practice love in a tantric relationship!

For me love is overwhelming feeling of admiration and reverence. It can be something simple as the way my daughter looks when she sleeps or the way my baby comes running with his small legs in the hallway. Or the smell of my mans shoulders or a sudden connection with someone random that I meet on the street. For me love is there when I feel connection.

Thats why love can be in me - when I am connected to myself or to the world or to life.

The feeling of love comes with a desire to care for or be close to the loved one.

Love is the most healing power - it has the power to sooth wounds, relieve pain, heal negative thoughts and emotions and to unite the dark and the light. The love we practice in tantra is unconditional - that means that you can´t deserve to be loved. Love is not a trade for being good or beautiful. In the light of love YOU WILL BE BEAUTIFUL no matter what.

Love is a feeling that is yours and has very little to do with the object of your love. In a tantric relationship you are not depending on having your love returned - but the love itself is a gift to you. Its like a candy that you can enjoy and taste for as long at it lasts.

In a tantric relationship we use love to expand our awareness of life. You will be surprised when you dare to open your darkest secrets or reveal your deep shame in a tantric relationship - how that is embraced with love. How much energy is spent on hiding the things you think will keep you from being loved? How much energy is spent on strategies in order to be loved?

Imagine that energy BACK at you! That´s a tantric relationship. A relationship where we have the willingness to be honest, open and vulnerable - to be real. A safe space for you to rest in, a harbor to always return to. A garden of love.

When I meet people and clients many of them complains that there are no tantric men or women "out there". Where are they?

Well - you need to be where tantric people are in order to meet them.

We gather all over the world, at festivals, courses or spontaneous events.

If you want to meet a lot of tantric friends, a lover, a sprouse or invite other tantric people in your open relationship - come to the TANTRIC DATING MASTERCLASS at Ängsbacka 14th to 17th of September where we will explore the art of flirting in a tantric way. The power of saying YES to life as well as tantric massage, conscious touch and a lot more!



Do you have questions or concerns about tantra, sexuality and relationships? Ask them directly to me and you might get an answer here in my blog. Your curiosity is a gift and it leads to growth and openness.


Thank you for your question!

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