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Inspiring Shakti

Being the organizer of one of the worlds greatest tantra festivals - I am lucky to have the opportunity to invite people I want to learn from. People that inspire me.

This year Shashi Solluna comes to the festival - and she is one of the most creative people I have ever met. I am in admiration of her as a being, but it wasn't always like that. There was a time when I looked at her and envied her. I envied her for all the gifts that she had, gifts that I wanted too.

Envy is a feeling that separates people, and for some time, I didn't dare to meet her really until one day she invited ME.One thing that I have learned from Shashi is how to overcome envy. She taught me to feel connected in reverence with what I envied and allow my admiration. For when I feel someones gifts so strong, and I can use them in my life - they are in me as well - in veil. Accepting the admiration is the way to unveil my hidden power.

So I admire Shashi for her ability to connect and bridge worlds. I see her bringing science with spirituality, sex with God and eastern philosophy with western language. I also see her enthusiasm for life in all its forms and how she takes that what she sees in life and makes it hers. She is a life affirmative shakti, with a beautiful voice, a vulnerable soul and a big warm caring heart.

She is invited to the festival to inspire you - in her amazing womens work, her deep taoist tantra workshops and mind blowing tea ceremonies.

Welcome to the TANTRA FESTIVAL #loverevolution


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