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The preparation

Me and Sofia has spent a long weekend in AMAZING Ibiza - and I am really in love with this island and so grateful to be here and to do this work. In October the 23rd to 28th we will bring a group of 12 very special women to Ibiza so dive in to the essence of our being - our goddess self.

Ibiza has a ancient goddess cult and the goddess of this island is Tanit, a warrior goddess of dance, fertility, creation and destruction. At our retreat we will open up to our innermost truth with dance, yoga, sensuality and meditation to get in touch with our creative energy and to destroy all the obstacles on the way to freedom and love. We will also enjoy Sofias amazing cooking skills, the fresh fruits and veggies harvested under the sun of Ibiza. We will listen to our inspiering guest speaker Tiina who talks about going for the dreams of the heart and enjoy more surprising guests, rituals and adventures.

Do you feel drawn to join us?

There are only 3 places left - sing up at:


Do you have questions or concerns about tantra, sexuality and relationships? Ask them directly to me and you might get an answer here in my blog. Your curiosity is a gift and it leads to growth and openness.


Thank you for your question!

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