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Sex as medicine for depression

I took a walk yesterday with a old friend. He has been depressed for quite a while now and I asked him what would make him happy in life.

Some life energy - he said. I suddenly remembered being in his place. The lack of motivation, lack of inspiration and with that lack - the lack of self confidence. I remember a time when everything seemed to take up so much energy that I didn't even have the power to initiate actions - even thou I knew that going to the gym, taking a walk or cleaning my house would be beneficial to me, I couldn't find the motivation to step out of my bed.

I asked my friend what would give him that energy, and he answered "a woman". Then he told me that his lack of inspiration, self worth and energy hindered him from meeting a woman and that life energy that he so much needed.

What is it in conscious sex that gives us such a powerful boost of life force?

When getting aroused before sex the body gets flushed with endorfines and adrenaline leading to reduced pain in the body. The neuropeptides included in the arousal also makes you motivated and brave - a feeling that stays even after sex. In combination with the hormone oxytocin - you will feel more social and talkative.

During sex we relax more and more and the oxytocin that is being released gives us a feeling of being connected and received by our surrounding. It gives deep and joyful relaxation and a deeper understanding of other people witch means that the fear in connection to other people disappears.

The movements itself during sex releases as many tensions as yoga from the fascia and muscles of the body, leaving you with a soft and good feeling.

During orgasm the levels of oxytocin reaches its peak and the stimulation of the nerves in the pelvic floor leads to a parasymphtatetic flow that makes the immune system relaxed and aids in healing the body. The brain is lit up all over and the sense of judgement dissolves in to a shimmery love that makes you open and creative. Finally the neuropeptide dopamine is released. Dopamine is a part of the reward system and it makes you feel motivated and enthusiastic.

So - no wonder sex is a remedy for depression. And when sex is experienced with a lot of consciousness it will heal the roots of depression and deep traumas as well.


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