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What is love?

Today at the international women's day I would like to share some words about true love to all you ladiez out there.

Ladiez - listen up! Stop waiting for the men to love you! You will never get the love you deserve from any lover. No lover can ever fulfill you. If your'e looking for love from a lover you will end up being really bothered by him and in the end you might turn to despise him.

It put's a lot of pressure on the lover to have a woman constantly looking for to be affirmed by him. Our lovers are crushed under the burdon of having to prove their love for us.

The truth is - our lovers ADORES us. If they could - they would dwell by our busoms, fall to our feet in admiration and kiss every part of our soft skin and our voluptuous curves.

But women with lack of self love - do you ever let a lover that close? What if he would discover how imperfect she is? What if he would see her behind her pretty mask? What if he would see her true self?

I tell you - he would embrace her. He would swear his eternal love for her forever. But can he ever get so close?

Ladiez - it starts with you! You have to fully love yourself. One of our bigest misunderstandings are that we have to like something in order to love it. But that is not true. We can love and accept even the dark and ugly sides. We can love and accept even that what scares us. Then love and acceptance will transform the darkness, the ugly and the fearful - in to something that we might even like and feel proud of. Something that makes us REAL and unique as human beings. When you fully love and embrace yourself - you make it possible for your lover to loose his mask and to fully be seen and loved by himself - and by you.

Once you start to love and accept yourself just as you are - you will find it easier to like yourself and you will find the love from your lovers to resonate deep inside your core. You will be able to fully receive their love.

What happens with a lover who's love is received?

The lover grows. The lovers heart is filled with strength and power and he will owe it all to you.

So next time when you pass the mirror. Stop looking for what bothers you - look for the beauty you see. Treat yourself with positivity, give yourself care and listen to your own truth. Accept your weirdness and honor it as it makes you unique.


Do you have questions or concerns about tantra, sexuality and relationships? Ask them directly to me and you might get an answer here in my blog. Your curiosity is a gift and it leads to growth and openness.


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