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The power of Tantric Touch

My first introduction to tantra was with a tantric lover. I was not unexperienced in sex when I met tantra - I loved sex and I lived a sexually very active life. But nevertheless - only being held in his arms was a revelation.

His heart was so open that I was drawn in to it as if it was a magnet. I struggled with my mind for a while, my immediate impulse was to let go of him after the regular three seconds but my deep intuition kept me staying in his arms - for minutes, after minutes and half an hour later we let go of each other and looked each other deep in the eyes.

I have never felt so seen as in the arms of a tantric lover. In the arms of a tantric lover, all my childhood wounds of abandonment are healed. When I am touched by a tantric lover - he touches me with rapture and devotion. His presence makes me present and when he see the light in me - he makes me see it too.

After being touched by my tantric lover - something beautiful awakened in me. Suddenly I could feel my body spontaneously tremble of energy. My skin was electric and my senses awakened. All I could hear was love - all I could feel was love. Fear, doubt and judgement turned to love and when I heard people small talk about weather and wind - I could hear them speaking between the lines: "I love you, please let me love you". "Come closer to me, I am curious, let me get to know you".

Everyone can be a tantric lover - a lover that opens the heart, body and soul of another being to love. The world needs such lovers - a lover who is in deep honoring of life in you will honor life in everything. After being touched by such a lover - you will be that lover.

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