Do you love yourself enough to be loved?

The way we relate to our sexuality mirrors very intimately the relationship we have to ourselves. It mirrors our capacity to relax, to surrender and to trust life for its goodness. It also gives me a hint of my orgasmic potential as a human being. The more I can relax, enjoy and say yes to my self in the moment - the greater the orgasms.

Many women live with low self esteem and lack of self love. This leads to a feeling of unease and a belief that you have to please others. The result is a fake smile, exaggerated and controlled emotions, stress and control of the bodily functions and the physical appearance and a "good girl" mentality.

I call this - to live in the view of others - and not being visible to one self. This leads to making the wrong decisions in life and many times to pain, suffering and depression.

Tantra is a safe way to explore my self esteem and the mindfucks that prevents self love. Its at the same time a amazing way to heal from traumas, limiting beliefs and to really surrender to love and have the important imprints that really changes our behavior, our thoughts and ultimately our life.

Here is a test to give you a clue of how you relate to yourself. Take it as it is - for fun. Its just a very few questions so be as close to the truth as it gets when answering and see the test result as a little hint and maybe a reminder of how you want to relate to love in life.