Burning bug

Now we have been here at paradise Island Koh Phangang for 2 weeks. It has been intensive weeks with monsun rain and a dangerous acid bug that travels with the rain and choose our beach to live on. This little fellow has acid blood - witch means that if it is smashed on the skin, the blood burns a big blister that turns i to a wound that easily gets infected. If one touches the space where the bug got smashed and then touches the skin in at the rest of the body - the acid follows and burns other parts of the body.

With our luck - Andreas got a LOT of burns from the bug...

We have to sweep the floor many times per day and we have a medicine cabinet - filling a whole drawer, full of anti acid stuff and band aids.

Luckily Midas just had two burns and they healed really fast, and Mynta has none. I have had one and it also healed quick, bur poor Andreas has his whole arms full of burns.

Now that the weather is drying up - the acid bugs leaves our beach. Hopefully they will never return.