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Eight steps to eternal happiness

I am not a teacher or a guru, I am a simple woman, but today someone asked me what makes me happy - and here is the answer:

I am not happy because my life is all good, it's the diversity of life that makes me happy. It's ups and downs.It's my relationship to life that makes me happy - and this is the eight secrets of eternal blissful living!

* Take care of your body, treat it as a temple of the divine. Let it move graceful and slow trough life. Walk with your spine tall and you body relaxed and enjoy the senses of life.

* Put yourself first. Make sure you fullfil your dreams and take care of your own emotions. Never try to change your emotions or to force yourself to feel something else than you actually feel.

* Treat others as you treat yourself - with compassion and understanding. Dedicate yourself to see, rather than to be seen. Fulfill other peoples dreams and respect other peoples emotions unconditionally.

* Never make yourself small - no one benefits from that. Also don't make yourself bigger than you are. Every exaggeration is a unconscious message to yourself that you are not good enough.

* Follow your pleasure, make sure you do that what brings you joy and ease. Be careful with short term pleasures. Make sure all your choices are in line with your life purpose.

* Let go of guilt, shame and blame of your vulnerable sides. Let the light shine in to the deep and the dark. Be proud of the fullness of your being. Use the true shame to be a reminder of what is right for you in life.

* Practice forgiveness.

* Breath slowly and listen to your inner truth rather than on anyone else - like me for example.


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Thank you for your question!

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