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Healing in a relationship

Yesterday I wrote a post about jealousy. It was quite depressing, I think it's sad that many of us carries this negativity inside of us.

Your relationship can be a place for healing your old wounds. A place to be raw and authentic with our thoughts and emotions.

Our emotions are an extremely important part of all communication. The communication can happen within ourselves and between us. Expressing our feelings is extremely important for a healthy relationship and a good sex life, but sometimes it is difficult to put the feelings into words.

There can be a fear to express unwanted, forbidden or ugly feelings, but the fact that you are expressing them - is healing.

This exercise is about fully expressing what you feel and who you are right now, with sound, breath and movement - but without words.

The rules are as follows, neither of you may leave the mattress, you may not use words or harm each other. Otherwise, everything is allowed. Start by setting the alarm to 10 minutes. Begin the exercise by bowing to each other.

Then you let the energy flow freely. Maybe you want to touch each other, maybe not. Maybe one of you is very mischievous and the other is off and angry - let the expression happen freely.

The exercise invites a raw authenticity and an expression of your needs and feelings that is very liberating. It is an exercise that is fundamental to tantric sex, as tantric sex is about being completely authentic, and allowing your own energy to flow freely in response to your partner's energy. When ten minutes are over and the alarm rings, you interrupt the exercise and bow to each other.

Take a short break, and then do exercises again - as many times as you want.

Much Love



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