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I have had a few really strong tantric experiences in my life. Those expereienses made me take a quantum leap in my understanding of and awakening to: love.

One of those strong and transforming experiences was when my yoni was worshiped by a man.

The yoni is a sacred temple for bliss, for love, for creativity and life. When a woman is relaxed in the yoni and the inside of her yoni is touched, the vagus nerve is activated and her whole being will be relaxed and rejuvenated.

But the body needs more than relaxation. It also needs tension. When the muscles in the body tense and relax during a full body orgasm, toxins are removed from the tissues so that the immune system can relax and rejuvenate. During a orgasm a woman let go of deep tensions in the body and oxytocin is released in the blood stream. Oxytocin opens the right side of the brain, leading the woman to be able to feel more connected to everything. She will also be very open and allowing towards life and to people around her. She will see the good in life and she will have a deep emotional bond to everyone who gives her orgasms. Woman, as well as men can have many different orgasms. One of the most powerful female orgasms is the womb orgasm or the cervix orgasm. When the cervix is being touched and when it is orgasming, it releases vasopressin. A hormon that makes the woman addicted to the one who gives her deep cervical orgasms.

Many women experience how they fall in love with all the men they have sex with - this is why!

The yoni is super intelligent, it adapts to the object that is penetrating her. Even if it is only a thin finger. A relaxed yoni will embrace it and the walls of the yoni will move around it - if she is allowed. Penetrating friction sex will not give this sensations to the lovers - the sensations of a yoni that orgasms again and again around the lingam - as if she can't have enough - ever.

How can you support your yoni:

* Focus on teasing the yoni a lot on the outer and inner labia, on the flesh in between the lips and right beside the clit.

* Always be SUPERHORNY before prenetration

* Never enter a dry yoni and never use lube or oil if you are not in the menopause or have mucous membranes that are out of function.

* Never have sex during a yeast infection.

* Walk without underwear as often as you can.

* Shave as little as possible. The hair will actually make you feel more - and it´s there to keep you FRESH.

* Do a yoni stem bath once in a while and ask for a yoni massage as often as you can.


Do you have questions or concerns about tantra, sexuality and relationships? Ask them directly to me and you might get an answer here in my blog. Your curiosity is a gift and it leads to growth and openness.


Thank you for your question!

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