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Music that opens you

I am in to pleasure, I really love it and I am dedicated to live my life - following pleasure of all kind!

Many times I think about what is it that us human beings enjoy the most. I think about it and I try to find a common factor. In my thoughts I have found that whenever we are touched by life in a way that makes us FEEL - we enjoy it. Anything that moves us in a gentle way, like yoga or exercise of different kind, love making, good food, swimming or music etc etc.

Sining is specially powerful in terms of creating pleasure. The singing itself touches us from the inside, the air, the breath and the vibrations from the vocal cords touches us and we can surrender to the joy of being touched by life. Singing also stimulates the vagus nerve and that really makes us relax.

Singing with Fredrik Swahn is a particular joyful. He brings out the shameless singer in you. He opens you up with songs often with lyrics that reminds you about the fragile life and its beauty or about dreams and the power of unity. The way he opens your voice makes you get in touch with your inner power and it really opens your heart!

That´s why I have invited this charismatic and beautiful man - Fredrik Swahn to Ängsbacka Tantra festival so that you can enjoy him.




Do you have questions or concerns about tantra, sexuality and relationships? Ask them directly to me and you might get an answer here in my blog. Your curiosity is a gift and it leads to growth and openness.


Thank you for your question!

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