Supressed feminine sexuality

I am currently in Brazil to be a part of a gathering of facilitators and organizers of ISTA, a international organisation that works with re awakening sacred sexuality and spread love and peace on earth. Tomorrow we will go to the jungle for one week without electricity, wi-fi or phone connection, to connect with the earth and eachother!

As I am jetlagging I spend my time in a hotel in the capital Brasilia and today I woke up early to go see the town.

It seems to me my current journey is about awakening a surpressed feminine sexuality. I see it everywhere. Those little signs pointing out my path.

Taking a tour in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil is a strange experience.

Everything is surrounded by concrete and the buildings are very special... 😬 This is a big art museum! 

One particular exibision shows obects that with an open mind can be interpreted as genitals. 

The "feminine" genitals are locked in a cage.

The "maskuline" genitals are presented as on a battlefield.