Monsoon and cuddles

The monsoon is flooding all Thailand right now. Yesterday me and Shahsi had a woman circle for exploring the depth of the feminine and the source of our power as woman.

It was a hazzle to come to the event for the participants. The rain was pouring down and the roads were flooded. On some places the water reached as high as up to the waist. But we all managed to gather, some women arrived in their underwear, soaking wet.

Woman from all over the world gathered, and we started to explore the different shapes of the feminine and how we are influenced by our culture. Exploring the separation and the shapes of the feminine opens up to her true nature and we went from dance in to a sensual massage that was divine.

That night we invited the men in the area in to our shakti temple. We honored them with our presence, held them, caressed them and curled up beside them. It was such a nourishing day and night and I don't think anyone was bothered by the flood.

Living together in a tantric community shows me what is most important in life - its our loving presence and to be there for ourselves and each other.