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I am lucky! I am lucky to have so many women in my life.Woman from all over the world, from many different cultures, ages and life experiences. I am surrounded by conscious women who are in this world to bring healing and peace. Woman who loves.

Woman who knows that love is not the reward for being loving.

That love is not a trade.

Woman who knows that love is sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter. Love is what we all dream of.

Love is our motivation, our passion, our longing and the goal of our lives.

It's the driving force behind all creation.

I am lucky to have so many loving women in my life.

photo: Shashi Solluna

You mirror me. In each and every one of you I see parts of my self. Sometimes I am scared of your power, and I might judge you for it. For I judge you just as I judge my self. Sometimes I see parts of you that reminds me of the parts in me that I have tried to forget or to remove in order to make me more loving and then I want to exclude you. Sometimes I am enchanted by your beauty and instead of enjoying it, I try to exceed you. Because I can't seem to be beautiful enough, smart enough, experienced enough or whatever enough to be loved .

Love is the only thing that can bring me comfort to the pain of judging my self.

But I see me in you and I you love me. You love me enough to be honest with your feelings to me. You love me enough to allow me to feel and think what ever I do, even if I judge my self for being less worthy.

I know you see all of me and you see trough me. In to that part of me that loves you no matter what. That part of me that wants to thank you for doing my mistakes for me so that I can learn from you. I love you for repeating the same patterns that I need to be conscious of in my own life. Thank you for mirroring me. And of COURSE we fall in love with the same men, since our taste is so incredibly good.

I will give you all my learnings about life, open and without conditions. I will se the shakti in you and bow in front of it in reverence of your beauty. I will love you i all your shapes, all your manifestations. And be eternally grateful for your healing love!


TOMORROW - Woman's workshop THE PRIESTESS OF EARTH at the New Years Tantra Immersion - Koh Phangang.


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