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Tantra Kurs


Tantra Therapy ™ is a combination of conversations with empathetic listening, coaching and bodywork.
The nature of the bodywork varies depending on the symptoms you have. Tantra Therapy ™ is an extremely powerful tool for overcoming relationship problems, sexual and emotional difficulties and experiences of being disconnected
, stressed, depressed etc.

Tantra Therapy ™ is based on tantric philosophy where everything is a part of the divine, a part of life. Nothing that you bring with you is judged as sick or bad. The suffering you carry is a result of the feelings you have supressed into the body for many years, many times as a result of trauma .

We live in a society where intimacy and human relations are often decimated to superficial
 exchanges and the lack of true love make us sick. During a therapy session, you will experience unconditional love, intimacy and authentic mirrors. It heals deeply and many find that tantra therapy is much much more effective than psychotherapy and conventional medication and healthcare. 

It is impossible to describe in detail a therapy session because the content of the session varies depending on who you are as an individual. The therapy is about creating an understanding of your bodily, emotional and mental reactions and mapping its origins. Then we work to release the physical and mental tensions that create stress, physical symptoms and suffering, while we build a new way of acting and interacting that leads to the life you really want to live.

What clients usually seek help for:

* Erection problem
* Premature ejaculation
* Sexual pain men / women
* Inability to orgasm
* Low libido
* Communication difficulties
* Difficulties of intimacy
* Stress, worry / anxiety
* Loneliness
* Grief after abortion / lost child
* Pregnancy / support after childbirth
* Low energy
* Difficult to receive touch
* Sexual trauma
*  Undefinable  trauma


tantra kurser

The sessions are given in Örebro and online.

If you have difficulty deciding which package you want to buy, we can have an advisory call over the phone.

See which packages you can choose from below.


Maria is one of my clients who came with a very severe sexual trauma. The trauma was manifested as increased discomfort before sex and eventually she developed vestibulitis. After a year of intensive therapy, Maria is free from her problems.

(it's not Maria in the picture)


Going into tantric couple therapy is both exciting and healing. We always start from you as individuals and as a couple and look for opportunities for you to meet deeper and love more.

Usually I guide you into different tactical meetings and sometimes I can be a third party if it is something you want and something that feels right for all of us.

We can work with communication, feelings of rejection, lack of desire or old traumas that create difficulties to meet. Sometimes one of you can become the other's "healer" and many times the sessions are simply about developing your love language and enjoying more together.


Andreas is one of the clients I worked with for a year. He changed tremendously during the sessions we had together. This is his story:


I was deeply unhappy, on my way down in a depression. I did not like myself and walked around with a knot of sadness and anxiety in my stomach. Life was "ok" if anyone asked, but I hid from the world and suffered in silence. I was functionally sad. Life floated by while I was just sitting and watching.


I had a hard time seeing myself and I felt a disconnect between my physical and mental life. It was like I went to sleep, on autopilot.


The contrast to today is so great that I have a hard time believing that it is myself I am writing about. It feels like I'm describing a distant relative or acquaintance. Everything started to turn for me when I took the step and asked for help, even though I did not really know what it was I wanted help with.


Lin has been an absolutely fantastic guide. There is a strength and presence in the treatment that is both warm and welcoming, but at the same time clearly "no nonsense". Her presence and support has helped me open up so that I could see my inner self with clarity and courage. It has not been easy, but I could not have turned to anyone better!


I am grateful that I was able to let go of years of grief and self-loathing. Grateful that I no longer feel guilty or that I need to apologize for being here.


Grateful is a good word! But it is quite pale in relation to what I feel, and does not convey the depth of the sincere joy that I am carried by today.


Today I feel fine!


Today I am alive!


My name is Lin and I am one of Sweden's foremost tantra therapists. I have worked as a body therapist for almost 20 years and as a tantra therapist for the past 10 years. 

With me, you are met with a presence and a non-judgmental  attitude . I have seen and heard a lot in my life and I have the ability to see  the light  within you and guide you towards it.

I also have another, very unusual gift. I can love unconditionally and that love is healing, healing and completely without demands.

My experience is that most physical and emotional difficulties are resolved when they are understood, cared for and loved. Although the pain and anxiety can be severe, we can find pleasure and love together. It gives you energy to move on, to let go of the past and to heal the physical symptoms you have been suffering from.

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