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spiritual kink


You are DIVINE!

You are the universe's longing for more complexity, love and expansion.

Don't belittle yourself.

Your longing, your quirks, your desire, your fears are portals through which you can grow and as YOU grow, you allow others to do the same.



At first glance, spirituality and kink may seem like opposites, but for many people they make an exciting and enriching combination. Integrating spirituality and kink into your life creates a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships, and the world around you.




Through this work, you deepen your self-awareness and fully accept yourself. By exploring your kinky side, you can get to know your innermost desires and needs on a deeper level, leading to an increased acceptance of your authentic self and a greater understanding of what brings you joy and fulfillment.



The exploration of both spirituality and kink promotes a deeper and more intimate connection with yourself. It is a prerequisite for you to be able to have an intimate relationship with someone else.


In both the tantra and kink worlds, communication and authenticity are emphasized, which creates stronger bonds between individuals. Learning to express your innermost desires and boundaries, and to listen to your partner, is a powerful spiritual practice.



Tantra emphasizes the use of energy and meditation to achieve a higher consciousness. In kink, you can use these techniques to create and enhance the emotional and physical experience. Being present in the moment and focusing on the flow of energy can intensify the experience of your kinks.



Tantra involves rituals and ceremonies to mark transitions, celebrate life or create powerful moments. Within BDSM, people often create their own rituals and ceremonies to honor and explore their darker sides. This provides a sense of meaning and deeper connection to the activities you engage in.


Integrating spirituality and kink isn't necessarily about finding a perfect balance, but rather about embracing your whole self. By exploring different aspects of your identity, you can create a more holistic view of life and love. Being open to both spiritual and kinky experiences will enrich your life journey in many ways.

11th of February

We'll meet at Inre Natur in Örebro on February 11 at 11.00.

The workshop ends at 17.00 and during the day you are offered coffee,

tea and we enjoy a luscious fruit and cheese tray together.


You can come with a friend, a partner or by yourself.

If you come alone, you will meet many different participants during the day.

We will explore powerplay, tantric energy, exercises with ropes and pain, and exercises flavored with soft innocence. You will be challenged within a very safe framework so that you can follow your own inner compass and be open to interweaving spirituality and kink to create a richer and more meaningful experience of life. At the Spiritual Kink workshop, you are welcome to embrace and explore these parts of yourself with openness and respect.

Price per person:


Early Bird - the first ten tickets: SEK 870

Regular Price: 1000 Sek

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