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Yoni & Lingam Activation
a path to healing and ecstasy.


Do you long for your partner's true unconditional love and deep transformative pleasure? Then this is the workshop for you!

The Yoni & Lingam Activation workshop heals wounds and traumas but is also suitable for those of you who REALLY enjoy sex and want to have new experiences and reach new dimensions of pleasure.


It is a workshop tailored to you who are already a couple

or a safe pair of friends.

29 Juni 2024


The workshop will increase your sensitivity, endurance and sexual power.

We work with classic tantric energy techniques,

deep conversations, touch and presence. 


All people dream of being touched with presence and awe, but few people have that experience during sex.

Some suffer from o presence or numb sex due to

too hard masturbation or hard sex.
Others are in too much of a hurry during sex and want to reach a goal.

It can be one's own or one's partner's orgasm or confirmation

for being a "good" lover.

This is also a workshop for you who suffers from negative experiences of sexuality and intimacy after abuse.

This workshop has the potential to heal trauma and open up

up for a free flow of energy throughout the body.

We meet in a vulnerable and ceremonial space where your desire and

your freedom is the core of your experience.

Due to the sensitive nature of the workshop, it is adapted to you who are already a couple or a secure pair of friends, you cannot come as a single and we do not have a list of singles who wish to have a partner for the workshop.




10.00 - 11.30

Opening Ritual and lecture

11.30 - 13.30

Lingam Activation

13.30 - 14.30

Lunch - not included.

You can bring your own lunch box.

14.30 - 16.30

Yoni Activation

16.30 - 17.15

Energy Healing/Energetic Sex

17.30 - 18.00

Closing circle

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Nesodden, Oslo

Bring a sleeping mat or woolen mat, a duvet, a blanket and a towel.

We have a lunch break. Bring what you want to eat for lunch.


Very limited number of places.
I accept a maximum of 5 pairs.

Price per pair: 1800 Sek


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