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Are you longing to feel a deeper connection with your vagina?

Are you curious about how you can enjoy your abdomen more, have deeper orgasms or give birth without pain?

Then this is the workshop for you!

Read on...


Welcome to a beautiful, powerful and healing weekend. Yoni Activation is for all women who want to get in deeper contact with their vagina and with their essence. Yoni is Sanskrit and means "sacred spring" and that's exactly what every woman sits on.


The source of life. The source of joy, pleasure and unconditional love!


During the weekend, Leona and Matheuz will perform sound healing with crystal bowls and large gongs.  When we work with the yonin, you will experience how you become incredibly sensitive and how the music opens up subtle energy to move in the body, mind and energy field.




Lin - workshop leader
Mateusz - sound healing
Leona - sound healing
Who is welcome?

All women whowant a deeper connection with their yoni   are welcome. It's a workshop for those of you who want to experience deeper orgasms, or have trauma to heal. As well as women who want to give birth without pain, women who want to feel more in the yonin, or who simply just want to treat themselves to a really magical weekend to enjoy life more. 


Men are also welcome, accompanied by a woman. As a man, you will learn all the woman's innermost secrets. You will learn to give her divine pleasure and healing.


If you do not come with a partner, you are unfortunately not welcome as a man. 


As a woman, you can come alone or with one or a couple of female friends. The exercises done in pairs can be done by two women and you can support another woman in the group while you yourself are supported.

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Saturday 25 March



Welcome and sharing in circle

11 a.m

Talk about yonin and yoga to open circulation in the pelvic floor and to activate kundalini.



2:30 p.m

Yoni Healing & sound bath




Sunday March 26


Morning circle

11 a.m

Breathing meditation to open kundalini 

11.30 am

Yoni Massage

2 p.m



Yoni Puja, a tantric ritual to connect with the creative power of the universe through a woman's yoni. Feel free to wear beautiful clothing that suits a holy moment.

Matheuz and Leona perform sound healing for the ceremony.


Closing circle


Location: Dansterapi centrum, Skeppargatan 6 in Stockholm.

Price: SEK 2990 per person 


You can also get an invoice for the course cost by email to:

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