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Tantra for mothers

Reclaim - Recharge

Do you yearn for a life with more pleasure, presence, playfulness and calmness?

Do you want to release everyday stress and exhaustion?


The magical world of tantra gives you the keys to a happy life where you get to experience what it's like to take play seriously and seriousness at play.

Our one-day retreat is a kick start to your new life as a mother.

A life with more power, desire and joy!

6th of April 2024

For the first time, in an exclusive collaboration, tantra teachers and therapists Lin Holmquist

and Maria Demérus weave their unique gifts together and take you on an intimate journey through all your emotions and experiences as a woman, mother and lover.

This day will invite a curious exploration of yourself and your needs and possibilities as a woman and mother.

We ask ourselves important questions such as:

Can I take care of myself while taking care of my loved ones?

Is it permissible to fully enjoy one's sexuality even as a mother?

How do I inspire my children to have a body positive attitude?

How do I turn my sense of inadequacy into a deeper compassion and understanding for myself and my children?


During the day we will do exercises such as:


Exercises in self-love & healing

Breathwork/ meditation/ mindfulness

A Sensual Cacao Ceremony

Guided group conversations and intimate sharings

Energizing exercises

Exercises that awaken your sexuality

Yoni - and womb activation


The workshop runs between 13.30 - 21.00

Included int the price is ceremonial cacao, a juicy vegan soup and bread with various spreads. 

The team - Lin & Maria

You are guided through this retreat by Lin Holmquist & Maria Demérus, we are both tantra teachers, therapists and mothers. We got the idea for this retreat because we feel that there is a deep longing in most mothers to stop and land within themselves. We believe that you, like us, yearn to enjoy life more, not just to survive. Our individual tantric journeys have led us to a sexual and spiritual awakening after the toddler years, something that has given us lots of joy and zest for life. A zest for life that affects all our relationships and which we now want to share with you.


Lin has profiled himself in neo tantra in Europe and has a background as a classical yoga and meditation teacher, yoga therapist and NLP practitioner. She has the gift of creating bridges between the scientific and spiritual worlds where she conveys the importance of wholeness and balance in life in an easily comprehensible way. Maria has her background in classical tantra, she also has extensive experience as an opera singer and doula, which has led to an exceptional knowledge of the body that she teaches in a grounded and safe way with both humor and playfulness. Maria is an expert in breathing, trauma and nervous system regulation, something that leaves its mark on her teaching. Lin and Maria complement each other wonderfully, offering a range from deep spirituality to embodied human wisdom.

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Our venue is at Alvanda Yogastudio på St. Eriksgatan 104.

The workshop is held in Swedish or English if necessary.

You are welcome both as a beginner or an advanced practitioner and everything in between.


Early bird, the first ten tickets are sold for only 2400 Sek, make sure to book TODAY to get the discount.


Ordinary price: 2700 sek

We only have totally 14 tickets for this retreat so make sure to book your ticket now to make able to join.

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