A party or a festival is a great way to meet other like-minded people. It is a place of pleasure, freedom and ecstasy. In order for everyone to feel safe at a tantric party or festival, we usually give you an introduction to tantric presence and agree on the rules we have for feeling safe together.

At a tantric party / or a festival, it is important to remember this:

  Be open and honest with yourself and others.

-  Wear the attire you feel comfortable in.

-  You do not need to do any of the suggested exercises.

-  You can leave the party at any time, but let us who arrange it know that you are leaving.

- We want you to say no clearly if there is any interaction you do not want.

- We want you to ask the other participants if they are open to meeting before you interact with them.

- No mobile phone may be brought during the event.

- We do not talk about the others who participated in the event afterwards.

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25th to 30st of July 2023

at Ängsbacka


Välkommen till Ängsbacka Tantra Festival i Molkom. Arrangerad av Lin och med workshopledare från hela världen. Välkommen till en förförisk plats för du får möta nya och gamla vänner med samma intresse som du.
Kärlek, vänskap och andliga möten.
Temat för festivalen 2023 är Kundalini, the source of existence.

Boka din plats idag för att få följa med på en resa du aldrig kunnat föreställa dig...

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Here you can see some pictures from some of the previous tantra festivals that I arranged!