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The Art of Loves Tantra Massage Retreat is a full week deep dive in to tantra 
and tantric massage.

The education is based on three cornerstones:

Tantric philosophy
Intuitive work

You will be guided through different modules where you will learn massage techniques and the science behind these techniques. Tantra massage itself opens up to deeply spiritual experiences and through these you are guided into tantric philosophy.


When you master the massage techniques and embody the spiritual experiences, you can give absolutely magical tantra massages to your lovers. You can also take this course as part of training to become a tantra masseuse/tantra masseuse.

You can come alone or with a partner to the course. If you come with a partner, it is possible for you to do all the massage exercises together, or to sometimes change partners during the course. If you come alone, you will change partners in each exercise.

For us, your security is the most important thing. This means that none of the parts we offer are mandatory. You can cancel or modify an exercise at any time. In addition, the Art of Love's tantra massage retreat always has a team of well-trained therapists assisting you.

Treat yourself now to a wonderful week in beautiful nature, with good food and wonderful people and learn to give and receive divine touch.


Come alone or with a partner.

If you come with a partner, you can choose to do all the exercises together or to change partners from time to time. If you come alone, you can change partners in each exercise.

Learn the basics of classical tantra such as meditation, shadow work, circulation of energy and eyegazing. Experience tantric ceremonies and rituals that expand your consciousness.

Learn simple and meditative massage methods:

- Empty Hand Touch

- Conscious touch

- Grounding massage

Learn inner massage techniques:

- Neck and mouth dearmoring

- Yoni Healing

- Sacred spot

Explore your boundaries and learn to say no to what you don't want.

Expand your body's potential for pleasure and practice asking for what you want.

Enjoy deep conversations and exciting meetings. Tantric parties and spa evenings together with the other participants.

In the group, you are safe and supported by Lin and her assistants.

Learn advanced

tantra massage methods:

- Dearmouring

- Kundalini activation

-Energetic sex

Experience sensual or erotic massage techniques:

- Sensual oil massage

- Lingam activation



Kristina Maudal

Kristina is a tantra therapist and yoga teacher with a passion for sound and song. Her calm and centered personality makes you feel relaxed and accepted when you need support.


Ea Bergstrand

Ea is a tantra therapist and yoga teacher at Mahalaya, Center for Holistic Growth. Ea is a rock to lean on with a clarity that sees through all your "shit". Ea has your back with very love!


Robert Törnqvist

Robert is a tantra therapist with a magical touch. His masculine and centered presence allows you to process and heal in his caring arms.

Robert is passionate about nature and is a free and playful soul.


Jennie Dalsmark

Jennie is a tantra therapist and midwife. Her motherly energy and warm embrace allow you to heal your childhood wounds.  Do you need to meet a deeply nourishing feminine energy  so is Jennie  your therapist.


Amelia Griffith

Amelia is a tantra therapist with a passion for women and all the sexual traumas and wounds that women carry in their bodies. She uses pleasure and ecstasy in her healing.


The course is held at Skeppsudden, where you are embraced by the beautiful nature by the waters of Bråviken. Here there is a wood-burning sauna, hot tub under the starry sky and an apple orchard full of dragonflies.




Prices and dates


17th to 23rd of April 2023


18th to 24th of September 2023

Sign up today for a beautiful and thrilling tantra massage retreat with one of Europes best teachers in this field. 

Price for the course, including food and accommodation is 16.000 Sek

Come with your partner or by yourself and indulge in divine pleasure.



If you want to take this training to become a tantra masseur, your training starts 15th of March 2023 with a online course that you do in your own pace. You will also have access to all the videos and texts in the online course after the practical week to support you. You will then give session sto 4 trial clients and when approved and certified you vill get access to a powerful business course to really success with your new business.

Tantra Massage Kurs

Thank you for your registration.

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