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We are tantra therapists and we are here for you. We know that unconditional love is healing and life-giving and we want to share our knowledge about body and mind and our ability to hold you in love.


Receive Retreat is a retreat for you who want to practice receiving ONLY. For you who want new energy, deep relaxation and more enjoyment in everyday life.


You are welcomed to Skeppsudden by about fifteen tantra therapists as the last part of their education. Skeppsudden is a beautiful place by a a bay surrounded by forest. Here you find the peace that you are looking for.

The therapists will offer you individual tantra sessions throughout the weekend.

The individual sessions are 100% for you and you can request anything from therapeutic conversations, touch, tantra massage or kundalini awakening. In addition to the sessions, you get inspiring tantra workshops with Lin, who is one of Europe's foremost tantra teachers and leader of Sweden's only education in tantra therapy™. In addition, you get wonderful vegan food, a sauna and nice fellowship.

Below you can see the schedule for the retreat.

Arrival on Thursday 15.00

15.30 Opening ceremony
18.00 Dinner
19.30 Individual sessions

Friday - Saturday

8.00 Yoga/exercise
11.00 Brunch
14.00 Sharing/sauna/hot tub
15.00 Individual sessions
17.30 Dinner
19.30 Workshop


8.00 Yoga/exercise
10.30 Brunch
12.00 Closing ceremony
13.00 Coffee & cake 




4th - 7th May 2023


19th to 22nd of October 2023

Price for the retreat is: 

6800 Sek



Food and individual sessions are included in the price. There is a limited amount of tickets for sale. We take max 10 participants. Paying the event reserves your ticket.


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