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Guru means "guide to the light". Within tantra there are no external gurus. Instead, we want to find your inner guru. Your inner guide.
We all have an inner voice and when we listen to it, life becomes simple, edifying and beautiful.

How your inner voice expresses itself is very individual. Some feel it as bodily sensations. People usually talk about gut feeling or following your heart. Others receive guidance through dreams or images, but most experience their inner truth as a thought.

When you start listening to your inner voice - it gets stronger.


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If you are in the habit of pleasing others or worrying about what others will think of you and your life choices, your inner voice is weakened. The same applies if you follow a societal norm, or a religious or cultural norm without questioning it and adapting your life
to your needs and your personality.

It often leads to life feeling gray and boring and sooner or later you wake up and feel "wasn't there more to it?"


A concrete tip to start listening to your inner voice:

When you have to make a choice in life. Stand up and sit in meditation. Breathe slowly and then place one hand on your heart. Ask inwardly for answers and listen. Maybe the answer comes as a feeling, an image or a sentence that feels true.

Listen in conflicts

If you lack trust, self-esteem and if you are critical of yourself, it is easy to become defensive in conflicts. It never leads to understanding or solutions. Instead, try to listen to the person you have a conflict with. Also, listen inwardly and take the time to find the true thoughts. Dare to say in a conflict that "I need to think about this" so that you do not express yourself in affect.

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Sometimes you can get stuck in old patterns that mean you can't really find your inner voice. The reasons can be many. Perhaps you were silenced as a child, belittled or ridiculed. Maybe you live in a culture where you are expected to "be like everyone else" or to fit in.

With me you get help to find YOUR truth and to let your inner voice guide you to a happy life. Do you need my help or inspiration?

Get in touch with me. I am here for you!  


Tantra Therapist

Do you need support in listening to your inner truth? Book an initiation with Lin!

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