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vad är tantra?

Sometimes everyday framed patterns, stress, fatigue and even your family life can be an obstacle to intimacy and passion. Then you couple may need help to let go of old patterns and find the fire in the relationship again. Maybe you need to find new ways to communicate your needs, your boundaries and feelings for each other or support to find closeness and physical intimacy. A relationship works best if you can share your sexuality with your partner, during a session with Lin you can get tools to develop your sexuality and sex life and take you to new heights and depths together.

A couple of sessions are a great gift for you, your partner and your family. Whether you have been a couple for many years or if you are newly in love, a couple of sessions will deepen your love, your attraction and give you new ways to communicate beyond your usual patterns.

It is possible to nurture love and affection in a long-term relationship so that it only deepens and becomes more exciting and beautiful. It is possible to fall in love with your partner again after many years together! Maybe you and your partner want to develop your sex life so that you have deeper and more powerful orgasms together or you want to come back to mutual pleasure after childbirth or life crises.

During a session, we meet in presence and within the framework of your privacy as a couple, we explore the area you are interested in, e.g. touch, intimacy, lust, sexuality, conflict, common goals, spirituality and unconditional love. It is better to have a session before you lose interest in each other rather than afterwards.

Vad är tantra?

"I've always been the masculine in our relationship and in the end I got tired of being the driving force all the time. During the sessions, my husband and I worked on finding new ways to relate to each other. I learned to let go of control and give me him, it really was not easy, but the result was well worth fighting for. Now I dare to be vulnerable and open with my feelings to my husband because I have gained more trust in him. Sexually I dare to give him and it makes me enjoy something immensely. "


The sessions with Lin have saved our relationship.


Vad är tantra?
tantra för par

"Marie and I went to couple therapy with Lin for six months and I was frankly very hesitant at first. When Marie took up the desire to start therapy, it felt like criticism of me and a continuation of all our conflicts. But already during first session I realized that this was something I would have had to look at already as a teenager.I found my masculinity and my power in couples therapy and not only the relationship with Marie is better than ever, my whole life has changed.I have more power, more self-confidence and has made major changes in both professional and private life thanks to this. "



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