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Some experiences can change your life, this is one of them.

It is an experience for you as a couple, an experience that will deepen your connection, love and desire towards each other.


Together we embark on a journey  into our deepest desires and longings.


A journey that both challenges and expands. You are invited to explore eroticism, sensualism, sensory, sexuality, lust and your  overwhelming love for life.





This is an experience for selected couples only. Not all people are ready for such a deep expansion. If you have received an invitation, we think you are ready for the Experience. If you want to invite another couple, let us know their name and phone number and we will contact them for a short interview.


We expect you to come with an open mind and we are confident that you will leave the Experience stronger, happier and with a blueprint of love and pleasure that you will carry with you the rest of your life.


We don't want to reveal what awaits you at the Experience, but it can be good to get a few clues so you can prepare yourselves.


We will spend a long weekend together in a very exclusive and beautiful venue. During these days, you have plenty of time to enjoy each other's presence as a couple.


We also want you to share your creativity with the other couples at the retreat. Therefore, you will be asked to prepare a shorter experience for the rest of the group. We believe in co-creation and the magic that arises when people get together in playfulness.


In the evenings, you will be invited to powerful ceremonies where we combine party, sensory, tantra, BDSM and medicine. 


To enhance the feeling of decadence, you need to bring really festive clothes and shoes that can withstand wine and food. You need sexy clothes and possibly masks that express your personality as well as a nice outfit that can withstand breaking.


Upon registering, you will also receive a personal task that involves preparation at home and possibly a special

outfit and certain props. 


The Experience is organized by us, Lin & Nicci. We love experimenting and exploring the body, eroticism and desire. Our intention is to create a safe space where you can let go of masks and limitations and enter a dream-like state that creates expansion and unconditional love.


Lin's many years as a tantra, kink and meditation teacher together with Nicci's knowledge in food, wine, sexual anatomy and intimate massage creates a seductive alchemy that leaves no one untouched.


Welcome to share the Experience with us!

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