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Is it possible to bring tantra together

with the dark sexuality?


Of course!  


Tantra is about expanding consciousness and accepting life as it is.  Life is not just beautiful or awful, dark or bright. Life is magical and it is when we surrender to the magic of life that we truly grow with trust, acceptance and love.


The Point of Surrender is a fusion of tantra and BDSM and we want you to come as a couple to the course. It does not have to be your life partner, you can bring a lover or a friend with whom you feel safe to explore both light and dark.  

Our primary focus on the course is surrender. Surrender is considered in many spiritual traditions to be a very important part of achieving happiness and we believe so too.

Lin Tantra

the point of

16 - 20 NOVEMBER 2022

Lin and Andy who hold the course has explored surrender, submission and dominance in many different areas of life both privately and professionally. To surrender means to be able to let go of control and be totally present in what is and the course Point of Surrender is a place to practice this and to play with the power dynamics of a relationship.

Everyone who has been to our courses before is amazed at the slowness, beauty and peace of what we offer. At the same time, you are challenged and given space to feel everything - love and hate, shame, fear, pain, horniness and longing and you get to express your feelings raw and honest.


The Point of Surrender is spiritual, empowering and healing. What you get to experience is far much more than the handcuffs in the bedroom, spanking and 50 Shades of Gray.


Lin and Andy work with meditation, communication, presence, tantra, rituals and science to make you aware of how your sexuality unfolds in your everyday life and even if you are used to a "vanilla sex life", this workshop is definitely for you.


Are you used to hiding yourself for fear of being convicted or rejected? Are you in the habit of expressing your desires only halfway and omitting the innermost longings? Is it difficult for you to take control of your life and be determined in your decisions or do you find it difficult to give up?


By exploring dominance and devotion, we address all of these topics, and more - linked to your sexual life and your everyday life in general.


We will experiment with the following:




Rope and bondage

Dominance / submission

Holding & following

Exposure -  to be seen in surrender and vulnerability.

The pleasure of taking

The boundary between pleasure and pain

Boundary setting and crossing the boundaries

Shadow work to explore shame and fear

Play with roles and power dynamics



It was four amazing days at Skeppsudden. I remember how nervous I was about coming to the course, both BDSM and tantra were new to me and my partner, but now afterwards I am so grateful that we came.  


It was a life-changing experience for both of us and we could not have gotten better guides to this world, so thank you for that.


At the beginning of the course, I mentioned that my burnout led me here, that I wanted to know why I am who I am and that for some reason I felt that this world may have the key to unlocking it.


Before the course it was just a feeling, I could not really put into words why it was so but after Andy's and Lin's guidance, everything fell into place. I feel that I understand myself better and I understand the connection between myself, sex and submission / dominance. Not only on an intellectual level but also on an embodied level, which makes it real and gives it the power to transform me.  


These techniques also work on people who have almost no experience with either tantra or BDSM.


I'm even grateful for my burnout now because it led me here. It feels like we have found a whole new grand piano to explore in the house of life. We have signed up for your online course now and will keep an eye on future events and workshops.

Thanks thanks thanks!




Co Teacher - Andy Buru

​​ Andy Buru has been teaching bondage from an artistic and therapeutic perspective, since 2008. His main sources of inspiration are Japanese rope art (Yukinaga Max) and modern dance (Felix Ruckert). He is a theater student, medical massage therapist, former organizational coach and a conscious kinkster. During his fifteen years with BDSM, he has been a slave, owner, hedonist, purist, magician and slut. Now he brings his nerdy passion for psychology, anatomy and mysticism and lets them merge. Andy's therapeutic work is based on modern modalities for embodied trauma therapy, consent and conscious sexuality, instead of old spiritual belief systems.


Price and booking

Price per person: SEK 8,800 - this includes food & accommodation in a dormitory. Pay 750 kr  extra  per person and get a double room *

Place; Skeppsuddens Kursgård - Norrköping



* Your place is secured only when paying the course fee. Registration is binding and exceptions are only made in the event of illness. However, you can sell your ticket if you are prevented

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