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Spiritual Business

combining entrepreneurship, spiritually & sustainability 



My clients value an ethical and passion-driven business where profitability and sustainability go hand in hand!


Many of those who come to me work in an area where they have cutting-edge skills,  or in a new industry.


Spiritual Business is suitable for anyone who works closely with people and supports group processes, communication or healing.


I will help you with business plan, branding and pricing.


Many who work in spirituality, coaching, healing & health find it difficult to reach the clientele who are really in need of the services you offer. It is also difficult to value their service if you are driven by passion and joy. Therefore, unfortunately, many coaches, therapists & masseuses are underpaid. When you value yourself highly, your customers will also value you highly. When your customers value you, they have more trust and you get  better results.

With me, you will be met in a super creative and open exploration where we map your strengths, your success factor and your target group. Together we create a brand of your own personality or your company. We work with formal language, texts and creative storytelling to reach out to the target group you are addressing.

I work with tools such as NLP, tantra & coaching and also includes your sexual energy.

It is important in your business as it gives you drive, creativity and a magnetic attraction.

Clear Water Lake

Heading 3

Heading 3



is what is needed for
a successful entrepreneurship

Online Program - 5990 Sek
Online coaching via Zoom - 10 times / 11.000 Sek
Group meeting at Skeppsudden, food & lodging included - SEK 16.000 Sek

You can register for the Spiritual Coaching online course, where you will receive pre-recorded video material, important texts and checklists that guide you towards a successful business. If you need personal coaching, you can choose between online meetings or a longer process where we meet and work together. You can also join a group process where several entrepreneurs meet at Skeppsudden to really go deep into your business in a beautiful and relaxing environment. Send an email if you want a quote for longer processes or combinations of the various products.
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