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Do you yearn for a deeper connection with your own sexuality and your feminine energy? 


Do you want to get the keys to the ancient secret Tantra portals that leads to a life in ease and flow?


Then this is the workshop for you!

10th of September 2023


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If you come as a couple, you have to have all the individual benefits that single men and women get from this workshop.


In addition, you will also have a whole day focused on letting love and intimacy grow between you.


You will share vulnerable secrets that you may never have talked about in your relationship and explore women's sexuality in a safe and ground-breaking way.


This is a workshop that will make your sexuality flourish.


You can do all the exercises together or individually.


We hold a beautifully and respectfully space that makes you feel relaxed and safe to be in your love bubble together.

Yoni is Sanskrit and it means “sacred place”. It's a symbol for your creative energy, your receptiveness and emotional flow. It's the portal to Life and to God and it's also a beautiful word for vagina.


You can attend this workshop no matter if you are a woman, a man or a couple. All of you will get access to life changing tantric tools that increase your sensitivity, your orgasmic potential and a deep sense of self-love.


Let us show you how!


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Get newthe keys to pleasure, self-love and a healthy sexuality.


You will learn practical exercises to relax your pelvic floor and allow blood circulation to improve your pelvic health, sensation and sexual desire. 


Our tantric keys will make you enjoy sex more, making you a much more confident lover.

You will also gain valuable knowledge about orgasmic childbirth. Something you can experience yourself or spread to young women in your community.

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A big part of our work is the Heart - Yoni connection which gives you a deep intuition in life as well as in bed.


Add to that the tantric keys to energetic sex that add to your everyday sex life in an astonishing way.


All exercises can be done fully clothed as well as naked and you will do the techniques on yourself with integrity and dignity.


This is a workshop that will truly change your life!

Co Teacher - Nicolas “Nicci” Notini Wallin

Nicci is a professional recording artist, music producer and digital entrepreneur. He has a deep love for art, music

and culinary experiences, and Tantra has been an important part of his

spiritual journey. Nicci has a way of keeping a room that creates security and relaxation. His knowledge of sexual anatomy and practical exercises enrich Lin's teaching of tantra in a unique way.

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 You are welcome to the AYSE you studio at Åkervägen 1 in Sollentuna.

If you cannot travel to us, you can participate via Zoom.



Single Ticket: SEK 1350
Pair of tickets:   SEK 2400 
Zoom ticket: 1350 -then a home practice pack with exercises in PDF and video that you can do at home is also included.

Purchase of home practice pack only In connection with the workshop: SEK 800

If you also come to the workshop SECRET KEYS OF TANTRA - The Lingam Portal that we are holding on September 9, you will getdiscount on both courses.

Single ticket both courses: SEK 2400
Pair ticket both courses: SEK 4300


Du vet väl om att vi också håller en motsvarande kurs för män dagen efter? Välkommen till Lingam Massage den 24 mars, 2024.

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